Seen on the website, the Nigerian children the game of hollywood and a successful and Bordeaux skid out of control


These are the children who are between 10 and fifteen years, and who have become the true stars of social networks in the reproduction, with its means to the trailers of the great Hollywood movies or the series Netflix.

The children of Nigeria cardboard remake trailers Net Flix

His most recent remake of the movie “Tyler Rake”, produced by Netflix with its star Chris Hemsworth. We saw saw the real feature of the film, this is the great action movie and so , the children have re-created the scenes in his own way, the hero flees aboard a truck, the hero is not diving into the bottom of a lake, but in the bottom of a bucket…all this with the utmost seriousness, it is downright impressive. Surprised , the producers have invited the whole gang to the premiere of “Tyler in the commission II” .

About the action film , “Seen on the web” was seen in Twitter a scene very dramatic…the problem this time is that this is not a work of fiction. It is a scene that lasts just a few seconds it goes to Bordeaux, to a roundabout in the neighborhood of the Bacalan and la cité Claveau, a white car, was made three times around the roundabout at the bottom of the box of roller skates more or less controlled.

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