Selena Gomez: Aaron Dominguez harassed by the singer’s fans!

Actor Aaron Dominguez is harassed by fans of young singer Selena Gomez! We’ll explain everything.

Selena Gomez fans harass actor Aaron Dominguez!

Aaron Dominguez and the pretty singer are currently collaborating on the set of a new series. Indeed, the two young artists are working together on a Hulu series, Only murders in the building.

Photos of the two actors were revealed on social media. And it didn’t take much for some fans to react.

On February 25, the young man shared on social media rather unexpected news. Indeed, the American actor receives a large number of messages on social networks.

These come mainly from fans of the pretty singer Selena Gomez. Aaron Dominguez decided to reveal to his Instagram followers the messages he received.

Many fans of the singer wrote to him to simply tell him that he was ugly for example. But the story goes even further.

Indeed, in one of the messages that the young actor received, his interlocutor asks him to stay away from the young woman! And that’s not all. Selena Gomez’s fan adds that her favorite singer “deserves better.”

Funny messages that the young actor decided to reveal in the open. Left speechless in the face of such messages, he will simply write “Lol” on his Story with an emoji dead of laughter! And indeed, there’s something to laugh about!


Selena Gomez’s fans have misinterpreted the photos they saw of the young artist with Aaron Dominguez. Indeed, the two actors are not in a relationship!

Indeed, they are working together on the set of a new series. But that has eluded some fans. The latter seems to be very protective of their favorite star.

On February 26, Aaron Dominguez unveiled other fan posts from the singer. “Selena really went from Justin to @theaarondominguez. We love seeing decommissioning,” reads the Instagram post.

Once again, the actor could only laugh at this nonsense! At least Selena Gomez’s co-star prefers to laugh.

Indeed, he decided not to pay too much attention to these remarks. But it proves how the community of fans of the young woman follows her every move.

In any case, the young artist did not react to this whole story. Unsurprisingly!

The latter seems to be busy with the filming of this new police comedy. The series follows the story of 3 individuals obsessed with criminal stories. They’re going to end up being involved in a murder case!

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