Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston are showing up on Instagram!

Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston get along just fine. The two stars posed together and wanted to be accomplices on Instagram.

Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston know each other very well as they are great friends. Brad Pitt’s ex recently shared a photo with the singer on Instagram.

Selena Gomez has always loved Jennifer Aniston. The 28-year-old actress went to the series Friends and loved the show. She was mostly a fan of Rachel and did not fail to watch all the episodes. Thus, Brad Pitt’s ex has always been her idol and she had the chance to meet her several years ago.

The singer crossed paths with Jennifer when she was still young. The two women quickly got along well and had many things in common. Moreover, the star of “Baila Conmigo” has only fond memories of their meeting.

« We met through my agents, who also look after her. It was very friendly and, very quickly, she invited me to her house “,” she told KTU radio. Selena Gomez was able to count on Jennifer Aniston’s presence and she has always been kind to her.

« She’s very cool and very nice. She gives me a lot of advice and she’s very maternal with me,” Justin Bieber’s ex said when she was just 22. Since then, nothing has changed between them and they still seem so close.


Selena Gomez has always been able to count on Jennifer Aniston. In good times as well as bad. In fact, more than two years ago, the starlet experienced a big disappointment in love with Justin Bieber. She had a breakdown and the actress was there to help her.

Like a real mother, Jennifer gave some advice to the singer and did everything to help her. She understood her grief as she experienced a difficult breakup with Brad Pitt. Since then, Selena has been able to overcome this and it is thanks to her friends. Besides, she still seems complicit with the former actress of Friends.

Indeed, on Thursday, February 4, Jennifer shared a beautiful photo with Selena Gomez. We find the two actresses with Aleen Keshishian, a producer. The three friends appear very complicit and even seem to have a big laugh at the cliché. For her part, the singer wants to be luminous and radiates happiness.

Thus, Jennifer Aniston seems to keep a good memory of this evening with friends. Despite the age difference, she still gets along just as well with Selena. She has become her pillar in life and proves that she is always present for her loved ones. Then, with this shot, she also wanted to give a nod to Aleen, who is celebrating her birthday.

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