Selena Gomez ends up with her mouth on fire in her show “Selena – Chef”!

Selena Gomez is a hit with her show “Selena – Chef”. However, the famous singer is clumsy and chain of blunders!

Since January 21, 2021, Selena Gomez is back with her cooking show Selena – Chef. A second season in which the singer proves that cooking is not really for her.

« Hey, guys! Happy New Year! I’m pleased to announce that season 2 of Selena Chef will be available on January 21 on HBO., had proudly announced Selena Gomez earlier this year, via her Instagram account.

So it was a real pleasure for her fans who were eagerly awaiting the return of her culinary show. Indeed, last year, the first season of the show had been a real success!

Selena Gomez had received many chefs to teach her cooking. That’s the principle of the show! It must be said that Selena Gomez is not very good at this field.

Thus, the first season of Selena-Chef had the right to its share of blunders… But it amuses a lot of her fans who look at her! In fact, not long ago, the young woman had even had fun with her clumsiness.

Indeed, Justin Bieber’s ex had posted a video that she captioned: “Is this really an episode of Selena – Chef if I don’t at least make a mistake? Watch the first 3 episodes of Selena – Chef Season 2 now on @HBOMax to discover new recipes, new chefs, and new cooking incidents. ».

As you can see, the young woman has a lot of self-deprecation!


A few days ago, Selena Gomez set fire to her kitchen. Indeed, while she was putting butter in a saucepan, smoke began to appear.

The performer of “De Una Vez” reacted quickly. Indeed, unlike her little comrades who went directly away from the burning object, the young woman proved that she was courageous. Indeed the latter did everything necessary to dispel the fire… And she did. Phew!

But in the last episode of her show, Selena Gomez struck again! Thus, the latter offers its guests a taste of a pigment. She herself lends itself to the game. Oh oh…

However, it didn’t take long to turn sour. In the last minute of the video, we see them all panicking, looking for a miracle cure to try to stop the burning sensation in the mouth, caused by this small food.

So they drink water or milk and eat what comes their way. One thing is for sure is that it gives a very funny situation. But that Selena Gomez surely still needs a lot of cooking classes!

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