Selena Gomez: Friends actress Courteney Cox loves Rare Beauty!

Selena Gomez inspires many stars with her cosmetics brand (Rare Beauty). Courteney Cox, for example, loves her products.

Selena Gomez is making a hit with her cosmetic brand Rare Beauty. Among the other stars, including.

Last year, Selena Gomez surprised her millions of subscribers with the launch of her beauty brand. Indeed, the young woman follows the same path as several other celebrities. We think of Rihanna who launched Fenty Beauty or Lady Gaga with Haus Laboratories.

For her part, Selena Gomez advocates self-acceptance through Rare Beauty. And it seems to please. Even Courteney Cox uses the young woman’s products.

Courteney Cox is known for starring in Friends, the cult series released in 1994. At 56, she radiates beauty and often reveals herself without a filter on her Instagram account.

In a recent video, the actress reserved a little surprise for her fans. “since I’m always late, I wanted to learn how to do my make up routine in less than 5 minutes, with 10 products, in the most efficient way possible,” she explains, facing the camera.


Courteney Cox starts by working her complexion with a concealer and a moisturizing foundation from Koh Gendo. She mixes on the back of her hand.

The young woman then applies the mixture with a concealer brush, from Rare Beauty, the beauty brand of Selena Gomez. She explains that she only applies it to the areas that need it. In his case, it will be on the dark circles, the redness, or even the outline.

Courteney Cox then switches to cream blush from Stila Cosmetics. She applies it with an ELFbrush. And this, on the cheeks, cheekbones, the contour of his forehead, the ridge of the nose, as well as at the jaw.

She continues with a brown Tom Fordeye pencil, bronze in color, to give relief to her eyes. She then applies a lighter brown pencil, NYX on the lower lashes. Of course, it just fades the whole thing with a dedicated brush, from Koh Gendo.

She finishes her eye makeup by curling her lashes with Shiseido’seyelash curler, then lengthens it with her favorite mascara from Marc Jacobs! Finally, the actress uses rice leaves from Palladio Beauty, to mattify her complexion.

So it didn’t take much to make Selena Gomez happy, who was quick to share the video on her Instagram account as well. Of course, she did not fail to thank the star for using his products. What an honor!

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