Selena Gomez: her surprising cute sin finally revealed!

Want to know the cute sin of some stars like Selena Gomez? Our colleagues in Grazia have just unveiled some of them

You’ve probably already eaten a dish that no one else could eat. This is your cute sin and it could prove “disgusting” for your friends. Know that Selena Gomez and other stars also have them.


Perhaps the best known is the fries dipped in a milkshake. This is a very common ritual across the Atlantic. And while we may find it strange, Americans love it. But know that other cute sins might surprise you.

Before we talk about Selena Gomez’s, let’s start with Channing Tatum. Indeed, according to Grazia, the actor would have a habit of eating a strange sandwich. A food in which we can find bread and cereal.

Yes, you read that right. The media reported that he used to eat a sandwich “composed of white bread, creamy peanut butter, grape jelly (double serving), and “a few Cheetos”.

Not sure this one pleases his fans. But wait until you know that of Jennifer Lawrence. The one who became known for her role in Hunger Games is a pizza fan. So many that she would make a strange sandwich with two parts of the famous Italian dish:

“A piece of pizza in which you put chili and noodles. Before covering with another piece of pizza you eat like a sandwich.” If you like pizza and noodles, here’s a new recipe idea… But maybe Selena Gomez’s will hook you up a little more.


Because yes, Justin Bieber’s ex also has some very strange habits. If you like popcorn, you might want to try its recipe. Although learning what she’s adding to it, the idea could quickly get out of your head.

Indeed, we can already tell you that if you do not usually salt your dishes, this cute sin is not for you. As Selena Gomez adds very salty foods to her bucket:

“Especially when you know that she likes it covered with butter, salt, Tabasco and sprinkles with pickle juice,” Grazia says. In other words, eating this kind of bucket, your cholesterol, and your hypertension could take a serious hit…

Although we’ve quoted you only 3-star rituals, there are still many. Some are still more intriguing than those of Tatum, Lawrens, or Selena Gomez. But it may still be too early to tell you.

Since some people might disgust you especially if you find yourself eating your bowl of cereal this morning…

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