Selena Gomez: his childhood traced in pictures – News Selena Gomez


In addition to the financial difficulties of his mother, the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber has had to deal with the experiences of other delicate and this, in the middle school. For several years, the girl that she was has been put away.

A particularly difficult situation to handle for Selena Gomez, who still have very bad memories, as evidenced by his confession to the Daily Mail: “I spent most of my time at the bottom of the class. Nobody took me to the head just because my cousin was in a band pom-pom girls very popular. She has always protected. I had only two friends. I would sit at the bottom of the class, and I was working. The school is still quite strange to all the world. I wasn’t all that safe to me“.

Selena Gomez back on the benches of the school

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