Selena Gomez: How did she spend Valentine’s Day this year?

Find out how young singer Selena Gomez chose to spend her Valentine’s Day! We’ll tell you everything.

How did Selena Gomez spend Valentine’s Day this year?

No lovers for the young singer this year. So it is with her friends that she will spend her Valentine’s Day.

Indeed, the pretty brunette is single for more than 3 years already. Although at the end of 2020, there were rumors that she was dating a basketball player.

Selena Gomez and Jimmy Butler are indeed out for a few dates. But the two young people are absolutely not in a relationship.

After her long relationship with Canadian star Justin Bieber, the young woman was only seen on the arm of singer The Weeknd. But after 10 months of love, the couple eventually separated.

Since then, we haven’t seen the pretty brunette as a couple. In fact, she is very good at celibacy. Indeed, she made it known in several interviews that she liked to go home to simply find her dog.

The young woman has also had many health concerns in recent years. So she doesn’t really have the mind to find love.

In addition, Selena Gomez seems to prefer to focus on her professional projects. Between his music, his cosmetics brand, his culinary show, and all his humanitarian actions is there really room for a baby?

But for Valentine’s Day, the young woman was not alone! Indeed, she spent the evening with her friend Anna Collin and her boyfriend. We’re telling you more.


For Valentine’s Day this year, the pretty Selena Gomez held the candle to her couple of friends. Anna Collins shared a series of photos on Instagram to show her evening to her fans.

We discover her than with her darling Fox Atticus Martindale, but not that! Indeed the young singer also spent the evening with them.

The three friends put themselves on their 31 for the occasion. The pretty brunette was wearing a pretty black dress very chic.

As can be seen in the photos posted on Instagram, Selena Gomez and her friends didn’t do things halfway! On the menu, champagne and strawberry cake in the shape of roses! It’s a treat.

In the summer of 2019, Martindale and Collins lived with the young singer in her California home. “I’m enjoying my life with the best. I’m really lucky,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

In 2020, the three friends also spent Christmas together! This means that the 3 friends are really very close!

As evidenced by another photo posted on social media. On it we see them posing in front of the Christmas tree. Each with a small dog in their arms.

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