Selena Gomez in Kenya to help the children !


Back from a humanitarian trip to Kenya, Selena Gomez has spoken through his story Instagram to raise awareness of its many fans !

Selena Gomez multiplies the humanitarian actions ! Thus, the singer wanted to talk about his latest trip to Kenya… MCE TV tells you more !

For many years, Selena Gomez supports many NGOS including UNICEF ! Today, through his story, Instagram, the young woman has made its fans the lack of education in schools in Kenya !

As well, the young woman took the floor, speaking of his last trip to Kenya :” Hello friends. It is Selena. I just got back from a trip to Kenya. I had the chance to meet incredible teachers and young people who are fighting for a better education. Said Selena Gomez.

And to add. “However, many students in Kenya do not receive school education. 59% of girls won’t even go to school. “Selena is fighting, therefore, for things to change in Kenya !

Selena Gomez in Kenya to help the children !05032020

Selena Gomez, ready to stop his career to fight at 100% at the side of UNICEF ?

Even ado, Selena has always had at heart to make a commitment to the most disadvantaged throughout the world... And especially for the children, alongside UNICEF !

Interviewed by Dazed Magazine, Selena Gomez had even explained that she saw herself devoting himself to his works of charity to 100% in the next 10 years. In fact, she had said :I hope that I pratiquerais even more philanthropy… while maintaining a healthy balance in my life. “

For the time being, internet users have already reacted to its latest video. In fact, they are very proud of their favorite singer ! “But Selena Gomez is really the best ! “Or again :“Thank you Selena, keep us informed of all this” , ” Who’s better than Selena ? “ “I find it note your commitment ! While everyone is talking about the covid-19, you have the gift to keep the feet on earth ! And especially to talk about real priorities ! So thank you for that ! “