Selena Gomez inspired singer Louane for her new hairstyle!

On her Instagram account, singer Louane unveiled her new hairstyle. She was inspired by Selena Gomez!

On her Instagram account, Louane unveiled her brand new hairstyle. The singer was inspired by American artist Selena Gomez for her retro haircut!

A few weeks ago, Louane had particularly surprised his fans. And for good reason, the pretty singer had dared a whole new hair color: pink.

Thus, it was on his account TikTok that the interpreter of I Steal and Give Me Your Heart had revealed the result. No one could dispute it: this color suited him very well.

However, it is to be believed that the young mother has already grown tired of her beautiful pink hair. So the one that was revealed in season 2 of The Voice just changed its mind.

This time, Florian Rossi’s girlfriend is content with a simple natural blonde. But it’s not just that. To give pep’s to her hairstyle, she also displays a pretty curtain fringe. Moreover, Louane has not forgotten to film all his hair transformation to show it to his fans.

Nevertheless, the singer already aspires to change. As proof, the young woman has once again opted for new hair. And the least we can say is that it looks strangely like that of Selena Gomez!

Indeed, Louane stole a hair idea from Selena Gomez. If the artist has a habit of showing up with smooth or slightly wavy hair, she dared to make a total seventies look this time…


So the pretty blonde opted for beautiful blonde curls. And to accompany her look, Louane embellished it with bright make-up and a checkered-patterned top. Which suits him perfectly!

So this look is called the “Modern Perm.” Before her, it was indeed Selena Gomez who dared to curl her hair in this way. And the least we can say is that it had caused a sensation.

It must be said that most of his fans did not know this type of hairstyle. It belongs to a bygone era! But Selena Gomez didn’t hesitate to bring her up to date. The proof with Louane!

One thing is for sure, Justin Bieber’s former girlfriend continues to inspire the world. For some time, the pretty brunette imposes herself and wants to be on all fronts.

Lately, the woman who has long shared the life of The Weeknd wants to be inspiring in the world of fashion. As proof, the young woman proposed to her fans to copy her look in her music video Una Vez.

Thus, she displayed herself in a pink floral dress, typical Spanish. In order to accessorize it, the star also added flowers to her long brown hair. It’s as simple as that.

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