Selena Gomez is a full-back of activist Stacey Abrams on Twitter!

Singer Selena Gomez supports activist Stacey Abrams! We’ll give you more details.

Selena Gomez shows her support for activist Stacey Abrams!

Lawyer, author and politician, Stacey Abrams is known for her activism. In fact, her work now allows her to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. That’s all it is.

Indeed, the 47-year-old politician is among the nominees for the award. In fact, she is considered to be the one who helped Joe Biden win. Yes, I did.

Indeed, members of the Democratic Party believe that without it, victory in the presidential elections would not have been possible. Stacey Abrams did everything she could to mobilize minority voters in the state of Georgia. Yes, I did.

The locals had not voted for a Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1992! This year there were 500,000 new voters heading to the polls to vote Joe Biden.

And this is largely thanks to the activist Stacey Abrams. Members of her party praised her achievement. She is often seen as a “heroine” or a “superwoman”.

You should know that Selena Gomez is very involved in the civic life of her country. Indeed, during the elections, the young singer did not hesitate to speak on social networks to encourage her fans to go and vote.

So it’s no surprise that she congratulated Stacey Abrams on her Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Selena Gomez posted a post on Twitter for the occasion. We tell you everything.


So Selena Gomez wanted to congratulate Stacey Abrams. Unsurprisingly. On Twitter, the young artist posted a post on this occasion.

“So happy for my friend @staceyabrams! It’s deserved! “Reads on her Twitter post. In fact, the young singer added a photo of Stacey Abrams.

Last July, Stacey Abrams and Selena Gomez met for life on Instagram. Yes, I did. The two women then discussed the U.S. presidential election. But not that.

Stacey Abrams told The Hollywood Reporter that she loved talking to the young artist. “We had a very interesting conversation about the work I do.” the activist recounts.

“This is how we can change our society and our economy,” she adds. Before concluding, “That’s how you create change.” That’s what it says!

You should know that the young singer seems very involved in associative life. Yes, I do. The young woman was able to raise $360,000 for non-profit organizations. That’s all it is!

All thanks to her show on HBO channel Max, Selena – Chef! That’s not all. On the strength of the success of her first season, the young woman returns behind the stoves for a second new season. Yes, I did. Case to follow very closely.

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