Selena Gomez is the original revelation on “Boyfriend” !


Selena Gomez only wants one thing : to find a boyfriend, and spinning with great love. This is how was born his song “Boyfriend”.

For the creation of his title ” BoyFriend “, Selena Gomez was very much inspired his mood of the moment. She wants a boyfriend… but can’t find them ! MCE gives you more details.

A month later, the song ” Boyfriend “from the version of deluge from the album ” Rare “, Selena Gomez proved a massive hit as always !

Yes, just look at the figures on Youtube it to believe it. In fact, her single has over 36 million views. And of course, 1 million likes ! Wow !

However, few people know how is born this piece ! Thus, there is a real story behind this title success.

In short, Selena Gomez had only one thing in mind : find love. The pretty brunette absolutely wants to put in a couple.

Moreover, the interpreter of “Feel Me” not hiding his desire to his fans. In Beats by Dre Series Beat x Beat: Inside Out, she explains : “I don’t know, I want a boyfriend. “

Then, a spark appears. Suddenly, the former girlfriend of the singer The Weeknd finds inspiration and speaks to his employees.

Selena Gomez is the original revelation on its tube Boyfriend 640

Selena Gomez is in need of love

Very quickly, Selena Gomez talks about her two co-authors, Julian Tranter and Julia Michaels. Without forgetting, of course, its producers The Roomate by FaceTime.

First of all, these assume the mood of the song. And it is very simple. Indeed, the singer wants to a piece of ” minimal, cool and sexy “. It is what it is !

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Then to add life to their title, they imagine all conversations with men for the chorus.

As well, Selena Gomez and his collaborators found very quickly a phrase that can mark the spirits : “I want a boyfriend / But I keep getting dead ends “.

In any case, his song proved a massive hit very quickly. Yes, a lot of people can be found in his words. And that was exactly the goal !