Selena Gomez pregnant with her first child and in a relationship?

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant? A video about Tik Tok is a hit on the Internet. The singer may be expecting her first child.

It’s been a while since we know where Selena Gomez’s private life is. But recently a photo and a video are sowing doubt among Internet users. Is the singer in a relationship and pregnant? We’ll explain the reasons.

As you know, photographers never let go of celebrities. And the singer is so well known that she pays the price. It had been a while since she had been in a relationship, at least, as far as we know. But recently, she was spotted with a man.

Indeed, in the middle of a snowstorm, Selena Gomez braves the cold to find a man. You can see it in some photographers’ photos. But we don’t know if this man is his lover or just a friend. Because the singer is very discreet about her private life.

But a video also freaks out the Web. This is a short video about Tik Tok. Above, we see the singer doing choreography. But one detail is noticeable. Could the star be pregnant? We’ll explain the why of the how.

On her account Tik Tok, the star does a little choreography with a friend. But you can see his sweater lift up on the choreography. And a rather rounded belly appears at once. We don’t see long enough to understand, but doubt could hangover.


In her other Tik Tok, we can’t see Selena Gomez’s belly. It’s impossible to know if the singer is pregnant or not. In any case, on her social networks, the young woman did not announce anything. It must be said that she is very discreet about her private life and we understand her!

With everything she has been through, it is understandable that the young woman does not want the media to meddle in her life. At the moment it’s just speculation of course. You have to take this information with tweezers. We don’t know if she’s really pregnant.

But it’s true that on the video you can see that his body is not as usual. After that, Selena Gomez may have just gained a few pounds. We must not get carried away either. Anything is possible and if the star is pregnant she will say sooner or later. After a while, it will no longer be possible to hide it.

Anyway, right now, a lot of stars are pregnant. After Valentine’s Day and winter, love has gone through this. In fact, rumors are circulating that Nabilla may well be expecting a second child. True or false? Case to follow in the coming weeks.

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