Selena Gomez proves she’s a true beauty influencer in video!

Selena Gomez has revealed her beauty secrets on Youtube! The star filmed a glowy makeup tuto. And it’s been successful!

Is Selena Gomez considering a beauty YouTuber? The star has filmed another superb makeup tutorial with her new line of Rare Beauty products. Her video has gone around the web! We’re showing you!

Selena Gomez has more than one string to her bow! Indeed, the pretty brunette is not content with her singing career to make the buzz!

Justin Bieber’s ex is a real touch- all! She decided to start cooking by creating her own TV cooking show!

But that’s not all! Selena Gomez has also launched a makeup brand called Rare Beauty. And since then, the bombshell has been really passionate about beauty and makeup.

The artist goes out of her way to offer trendy and original products to her fans. Eyeshadow, gloss or incur foundation… The pretty brunette has come up with a range that suits all women. We love it!

The release of Rare Beauty has shaken up the world of beauty! Indeed, Selena Gomez’s creations have won over makeup fans. Some of her products have even become a must-have on the web!

The It-girl also manages its communication with a master’s hand! Indeed, she does not hesitate to play the models to do her promo. But that’s not all! Selena Gomez even goes so far as to create live tutorials to inspire her fans!


Hier, Selena Gomez filmed a video to show her makeup up of the moment. And the least we can say is that the star in front of the camera!

The pretty brunette shows every step of her beauty by giving her tips. Enough to delight her fans in need of inspiration!

To begin with, the singer applies a moisturizing cream before putting her foundation with a brush. The star then shows how to have a good look with a glowy effect.

Selena Gomez applies her beautiful highlighter on the cheeks, under the eyes, and under the eyebrows. A little trick that allows you to refresh your eyes in seconds!

The bomb then passes to the eyes and applies a pretty pink liquid stinger. She then adds a nice dash of liquid eyeliner to have a doe look. Canon!

Internet users loved the result of this quick and easy tutorial. Indeed, thousands of them thank Selena Gomez for all her tips.

Like what, the star still proves her talents as a makeup artist! Thanks to her brand, the It-girl has even become a real beauty influence on the Web! So, will she end up getting into the videos? Case to follow!

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