Selena Gomez: this worst date she’s had with a Disney star!

Selena Gomez’s love affairs are very intriguing. She’s had great stories. Today, she recounts a missed date with Nick Jonas.

Selena Gomez always surprises her fans. Today it is her last statement that will shake the Web, she explains then having had a missed date with Nick Jonas.

Selena Gomez’s love stories intrigue her fans. She has had a very turbulent relationship. Internet users have always been looking for the least information.

Thus, the singer can not always keep her heart’s sorrows secret. Although Selena Gomez has often formed leading couples with her darlings, she has experienced some romantic disappointments.

But if there is one story that remains etched in the minds of Internet users, it is his love story with Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez’s fans loved the two lovebirds.

Moreover, this love story continues to stir the Web. And for good reason, during the release of his song “De Una Vez”, fans made a link with Justin Bieber.

And for good reason, the performer of “Lose You to Love Me” is addressed to an ex-sweetheart. In short, this story remains marked in the minds of Internet users.

But a new story should shake the web. Selena Gomez returns on a failed date with a Disney star.


The beautiful Selena Gomez has an explosive love past. In fact, she remembers a very specific date and it seems that it was missed.

The chosen one of his heart was Then Nick Jonas. The two stars of Disney Channel had wanted to give themselves a chance in 2008, but this romance was then brief.

On paper, the two lovebirds seem made for each other. And yet, the first date was a disaster.

In an interview, Nick Jonas was hooked up to a heart rate monitor. Questions were then asked to see his reaction.

Her ex Selena Gomez appears on a screen and says, “I wanted to recall a time when we went to Central Park together, more than 10 years ago. I was wondering if it would do anything to you. »

As a result, the young man’s heart rate increased. He explained: “It was when my brothers and I were in a boy band and we were in Central Park and our relationship was secret. She was unhappy that her first experience in Central Park was marred by the fact that I was walking 20 feet from her. »

He added: “Even if they were taking pictures of us and we were obviously there together, it was like I was saying it was better to stand 25 feet apart.”

Even if this memory seems embarrassing, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas keep a good memory. It’s so cool!

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