Selena Gomez Unveils Her ‘Get Ready with Me’ Special Rare Beauty!

Selena Gomez has spoiled her fans again! The star revealed all her secrets make up by filming a “Get Ready with me” special Rare Beauty!

Selena Gomez fans are going to be thrilled! And for good reason: the star filmed her beauty routine with her Rare Beauty products! Quickly discover all its secrets for trendy and glamorous makeup in minutes!

Selena Gomez has not finished surprising us in 2021! Indeed, the singer is currently at the heart of the news with her many projects!

The pretty brunette unveiled the first excerpts of her 4th solo album to her fans. And surprise! The top chose to write songs only in Spanish. His first single “De Una Vez” made a nice box on the Web!

But be careful! Selena Gomez doesn’t just get the music to get the talk of the way. The artist is also dedicated to the development of his makeup brand “Rare Beauty”.

Justin Bieber’s ex has come up with trendy makeup products to allow her fans to copy her look. And the least we can say is that she does not lack imagination!

Palettes, glosses, or foundation… The star has thought of everything for makeup fans. And the latter does not hesitate to play the Beauty Youtuber to promote her products.

Indeed, Selena Gomez films many tutorials on Instagram to inspire her fans. Today, the beauty addict even made a “Get Ready with me” to show her whole routine from A to Z! We love it!


Selena Gomez films herself when she wakes up to show off her quick and easy-to-make-up on a daily basis. The bomb starts by applying a moisturizing base before using a brush.

The pretty brunette will then camouflage her dark circles using her liquid concealer signed Rare Beauty. She also explains how to apply the product for a good-looking effect assured!

The singer also adds a little blush, bronzer, and highlighter to illuminate the shadows of her face. And the results are hot!

Once her complexion is over, Selena Gomez opts for a nice nude gloss and mascara. A simple and terribly effective makeup to stay stylish under any circumstances!

The star’s “Get ready with me” has won over Internet users. Indeed, the top generates more than 47,000 views in just a few hours. And Internet users are unanimous: her Rare Beauty look is successful!

Selena Gomez no longer needs to prove herself when it comes to makeup. Indeed, the star knows perfectly how to showcase himself with the products of his brand. And the latter is likely to be a nice success on her online store!

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