Selena Gomez very sensual for the promotion of her brand Rare Beauty!

Selena Gomez posted a new video on her Instagram account to promote her brand, Rare Beauty on Instagram!

Selena Gomez is on all fronts. The young woman has posted a new video for her make-up brand, Rare Beauty and she is more sensual than ever.


Selena Gomez launched her cosmetics brand, Rare Beauty on September 3, 2020. The brand’s cosmetics are marketed on the brand’s website, but also on Sephora.

A collaboration that allows Selena Gomez to generate more than comfortable incomes. It must be said that the distribution network is global.

Like other American stars, Selena Gomez is her own muse. That’s why she’s still on Instagram promoting her brand.

In fact, a few hours ago, the performer of Selfish Love shared a new promotional video on social media. We see the young woman promoting the Rare Beauty brand.

The young woman appears under a bright sun, in order to promote her new makeup palette. And the result is up to the task.

In a caption, Selena Gomez’s brand, Rare Beauty wrote: “For Selena Gomez, the day of self-discovery inspired a new EyeShadow Palette. It celebrates the colors that change and are our reflection every day.”


So you’ll understand that. Selena Gomez is therefore a charming face for her makeup range, and she proves it in each of her Instagram posts.

Yesterday, the singer made the buzz on the canvas by radically changing hair color. Exit the brown and re-hello the flamboyant blonde.

The young woman shared the results of her new haircut on Instagram. And its 222 million followers on the social network were thrilled.

Selena Gomez had already adopted the blond two years ago, for the needs of a video clip. And the least we can say is that the pretty brunette seems to have loved the blond.

The shot has already garnered more than 8.3 million likes. “Back to work,” the singer captioned the story to justify the new color.

Demelo’s performer has teamed up with artist Hungvanngo to create a new photoshoot. The latter remains, for the time being, confidential.

Selena has not finished making a name for herself. The day before yesterday, the ex of The Weeknd called on Emmanuel Macron on Twitter to act in favor of a global vaccination against Covid-19. A message to which the Head of State responded with the positive. Well done to her!

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