Selena Gomez very upset with paparazzi in the street!

Selena Gomez was a victim of the paparazzi on the streets of New York and that’s why she decided to answer them frankly.

The paparazzi are always there to take pictures of celebrities. And especially when it comes to Selena Gomez. He won’t let go of her. So the star sent them a rather elegant message.

Indeed Selena Gomez has very busy news at the moment. That’s why she decided to do life on Instagram this Sunday, February 21.

During the broadcast, the American star took the opportunity to review his future projects. And there’s a project that’s really close to his heart.

His next album “Revelacion” will be released on March 12, 2021. And that will therefore be composed of songs sung only in Spanish.

She also talked about her favorite song from the album. This is “Buscando Amor” translated into French as “Seeking Love”. A title she can’t wait to hear from her fans.

But Selena Gomez didn’t stop there. The singer confessed that her favorite collaboration was “Taki Taki” released in 2019. And for good reason, this title of DJ Snake in collaboration with Cardi B and Ozuna has become a worldwide hit!

And it won’t be the last time the French singer and DJ will collaborate. Indeed the two artists have announced a new title that will be released on March 4. Can’t wait to hear that!

But if Selena Gomez is making a name for herself today, it’s not for her musical news. But for another reason.


It’s no longer a secret, Selena Gomez is in the middle of filming her new series. A series called “Only Murders in the Building” with actor Steve Martin.

And that’s why she’s been in New York for a few months. And it drives the paparazzi crazy, who always make a joy to take a picture of her as soon as they see her.

But after weeks of harassment, Selena Gomez got fed up. One morning while walking down the street to join her film set, she decided to take action.

Again surrounded by paparazzi, she responded by giving them a finger of honor. And even if she’s vulgar, she manages to stay elegant. Class!

Yes, Selena Gomez is no longer the little favorite of Disney Channel. And she’s come a long way since “The Wizards of Waverly Place.”

At the age of 28, she owns her own cosmetics brand “Rare Beauty”. She even produces hit series like “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix. And also starred in a Woody Allen film starring Timothée Chalamet.

It must be said that Selena Gomez has more than one string to her bow. A true businesswoman who will surely not be shot by the paparazzi.

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