Selena Gomez: who’s been running her Instagram account for over 3 years?

Selena Gomez is often noticed on social media. But who’s been running their Instagram account for three years now?

Selena Gomez is making a big hit on Instagram. But who manages this account followed by 200 million Internet users?

For several years, Selena Gomez has enjoyed great notoriety. It must be said that no one can miss the star. Between cinema, song, and even make-up, beauty is on all fronts.

And yes, the former Disney Channel actress has no more proof to prove. Very talented, she managed to seduce many fans. The latter are therefore always very loyal.

Indeed, Selena Gomez seems very supported by her community. So all the singer does is a great success. Enough to impress a lot of people then.

In fact, the performer of “Lose You to Love Me” decided to take a break from his musical career. But several years later, his fans were still present for his big comeback. Not bad!

Thus, the beautiful brunette does not hesitate to thank them. So she is very close to her Instagram followers. It’s so nice!

But then who runs the Instagram account of the famous Selena Gomez? Indeed, it seems that someone is hiding behind all this.


Since her inception, Selena Gomez has accumulated many subscribers. Today, the international star is one of the most-followed people in the world. Impressive!

And for good reason, the former witch’s Instagram account from Waverly Place has more than 200 million followers. The young woman has thus become an inescapable personality.

His feed Insta is therefore a sensation on the Web. With funny selfies or excerpts from her photo shoots, she seems to lead a dream life.

But that’s not all. Selena Gomez also uses her social networks to spread strong messages. It does not hesitate to make its political positions known. It does not hide anything from its subscribers.

And yet, the businesswoman recently confided that she had been disconnected from the Internet and social networks for three years. Thus, she explains that she can count on someone’s help.

So it’s his personal assistant who does the work. Indeed, Selena Gomez sends photos or videos to the latter. She later posted them on the star’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. Not stupid!

In fact, many Internet users accuse young women of lying about it. But don’t panic. She then confirmed that this version was indeed the truth. That’s enough to intrigue his fans.

It could also be that Selena Gomez then reveals a new secret. Case to follow then.

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