Separation of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West implies fortune of US $ 2 billion

The couple signed a prenup in 2014, but their fortunes have grown exponentially since then.

The imminent divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would be a separation in which about the US $ 2 billion would be at stake, and it would be led by a well-known lawyer specializing in a celebrity divorce.

Although officially neither Kim nor Kanye talk about their separation, it is already considered a fact, and at the forefront is the feared lawyer Laura Wasser, who has divorced celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Johnny Deep, who would be responsible for distributing the impressive fortunes of Your clients.

In 2014, before their incredible wedding in Italy, the famous couple signed a pre-nuptial contract, but at that time their properties and fortunes were not as great as now so that document would be obsolete.

Kim’s fortune is about $ 780 million, and the rapper claims he owns more than $ 3 billion. To this, we must add the impressive mansion they own in Calabasas, for which they paid about 40 million, plus another 20 million in renovations that make it a true oasis. They also own valuable property in Miami, as well as two ranches in Wyoming.
Kim and Kanye also own a multi-million dollar collection of artwork, luxury cars, jewelry, and company stocks.

Rumors of the separation of the media couple began in early 2020, as a result of the mental problems of Kanye, who suffers from bipolar disorder, and his erratic behavior would have seriously affected their marriage.

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