Series Secrets: Three Secrets About Veronica Mars


Each week, CinéSé looks back on the secrets of a cult series. Today, we are interested in “Veronica Mars” a detective series as we see a lot, with one detail: the investigator played by Kristen Bell is a high school student.

What is Veronica Mars?

In 2004, A Generation of Serialphiles discovered Veronica Mars, a tongue-in-cheek high school girl, and heroine of the series of the same name. The same year Lost , Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy appeared on the small screen. If the show has never known the audiences of its competitors, it will nevertheless succeed in becoming a cult with an audience of conquered fans. The series created by Rob Thomas follows the investigations of a teenage girl who grew up too fast in the fictional small town of Neptune, California. Daughter of a former sheriff converted into a detective and abandoned by her mother who preferred alcohol to her family, Veronica was living her high school period innocently. Only, the murder of her best friend will push her to don the investigator’s costume.

You love Veronica Mars too, but are you sure you know absolutely everything about the show?

Series Secrets: Three Secrets About Veronica Mars

The cast could have been much different

Rob Thomas initially considered a male character to play his main protagonist, but during the auditions the choice of Kristen Bell was obvious. A hundred actresses have come for the role, however, the creator of the show has not remained insensitive to the charm and grain of madness of the actress. In an interview with PaleyFest 2014, he said:

Kristen was the first to show up and her performance literally blew me away. I kept thinking about her performance throughout the rest of the auditions.

Today, it seems difficult to imagine another interpreter for Veronica as Kristen Bell seems inhabited by her character. Amanda Seyfried ( Mamma Mia !, Les Misérables ), however, also wanted to play the young investigator, but she finally got the role of Lilly Kane, Veronica’s best friend. It is also known that Paul Rudd wanted to play Vinnie Van Lowe, the private detective competitor of the father of Veronica, but Ken Marino was preferred to him. The 40-year-old actor: instructions for use made an appearance in season three, playing Desmond Fellows, a pop singer from the 90s.

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Series Secrets: Three Secrets About Veronica Mars

Some scenes were cut because they were considered too dark

Few teenage programs have the maturity of Veronica Mars. Under its kind airs, the series hides a much darker side. Rob Thomas was better able than anyone to portray an apparent violence that is not always where we imagine it. Abandoned by her mother, launched into the “profession” following the assassination of her best friend, drugged and raped at a party, Veronica’s life is not a long quiet river. Still, the final version of the series has been redesigned to suit a younger audience.. Its creator thought he could broadcast the episodes on HBO, FX or Showtime, channels offering content without censorship of language or sexuality. However, only The CW (at the time UPN) accepted the project on condition of sanitizing certain passages deemed too violent for the channel. There was also a long debate as to whether Veronica could be raped or not. The broadcaster ended up agreeing on the condition of reducing the length of the scene and making it less graphic. However, these concessions did not prevent Rob Thomas from offering a series ahead of its time, both in substance and in form, by addressing themes that had hitherto been rare on the small screen.

Rob Thomas purposely wrote an ambiguous ending to season 3

The young investigator had only three seasons to put criminals out of harm’s way before the unprofitable program was interrupted. When the series ends in 2007, the character is still at a crossroads and its creator does not wish to end his adventures. So, Rob Thomas ends this third year with the last episode that does not look like a conclusion. Many questions remain unanswered, leaving spectators with an open finale allowing them to consider a future sequel. A daring choice that finally paid off because Veronica Mars has since returned to service with the release of a fan-funded film in 2014 and more recently with its return to the small screen for a fourth season (2019) offered by Hulu.

Season 4 of Veronica Mars is available on DVD starting July 22.

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