Serious allegations to the algorithm of Instagram: “it fosters the photo seminude”


Is having resonance important study published by AlgorithmWatch, according to which the algorithm of Instagram would help the photo seminudeby showing them on multiple message boards, and then encouraging likes and comments from users.

The study has a title that leaves little to the imagination: “stripped or you will fail: the algorithm of Instagram forces users to show the skin“and it is based on a sample of 26 volunteers who have accepted the installation of an extension to the web browser programmed to open Instagram at regular intervals in order to detect the post shown in the News Feed. In the second phase, these participants were asked to follow 37 account from 12 countries, which rely on Instagram to attract new customers and publish posts on food, tourism, fitness, fashion, and beauty.

We found that of the 2,400 pictures posted from these 37 profiles, 21% depicted males shirtless or women in bikinis or with intimate apparel. In this way, scholars have come to the conclusion that the algorithm of Instagram is not conducive to all of the content, treating them in the same way, as it should be, since that is, participants were asked to follow profiles that address various categories. “Without alteration of the algorithm, the post in the News Feed of users, Instagram should be the post of content creators that follow. And if Instagram would personalize the feeds according to personal tastes, the variety of posts shown should be respected for each user. But we have not found“you read in the study, which has provided some interesting data. The images of women, in fact, have reported that 54% of more chance to appearalso at the top of the Feed, while the post male has been given a boost in the visibility of 28%. The other side of the coin is represented by a -60% chance to appear at the top of the message boards for posts with food or landscapes.

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Facebook, in response, has called the research “misleading” as “we classify the post in your Feed based on the content and the account for which you showed interest, not according to arbitrary factors such as the presence of swimwear“.

In the meantime, for AlgorithmWatch invites users to install the extension for your browser through this address to get more data about it.

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