Shannon De Lima Gets More: Look at Her Last Photo!

Shannon De Lima | Instagram

Shannon de Lima is obsessed with beauty and fashion. And she does not waste time in taking care of her image, her body, her beauty, and even the smallest detail that anyone would even think of. In addition, as we all know, she is in love with touch-ups and cosmetic surgery, something we all know, but which, however, has never dared to confirm publicly. What she dares to advertise on social networks are treatments or interventions of another kind, much cheaper and simpler. And it was the case of her last step by a state.

As she recorded on her Instagram, the Venezuelan was not too happy with her eyelashes and decided to get more. And, to show off them, and incidentally, recommend them to her ‘followers’, she made a ‘selfie’ in the foreground, from close up, so that they looked good. And, without a doubt, we can affirm that the result was magnificent because it shows when they are put in the hands of good professionals. The work was worth it, and James Rodriguez’s partner can show off eyelashes for two or three more weeks, before retouching them again.

People were quite convinced and promised to go to the center where Shannon is usually treated. Of course, something well they have to do to make Marc Anthony’s ex-wife look prettier every time she passes by. And look at what it is complicated to overcome.

“I was just looking for a place like this for a few days”, “If Shannon goes, it means they are absolute professionals, we will have to go”, “It has become more, than madness!”, “It is an absolute wonder this type of images “,” This girl has nothing to envy anyone, really “and” For things like this trend brand “was read in the comments.

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