She wears nothing underneath, Kylie Jenner in unforgettable white dress

It’s no secret that American celebrity Kylie Jennerdoesn’t have any trouble showing the social media post,his incredible, curvy figure, he’s already done it countless times, posing in the most attractive and light outfits, even without wearing anything.

In addition, we also know that wearing all kinds of garments with [email protected] is your passion, as it does not waste a single opportunity to appear on your respective Instagram profile,demonstrating how you have earned the throne in that snapshot app.

And just the latter is what she did, Stormi’syoung and beautiful mother, has bragged her curvy figure in a slim white dress, wearing only a flirty top, which, by the way, highlights her front attributes, besides that, the aforementioned attire stands out to no longer be able to the narrow waist of the socialite.

The dress is so translucent, we were able to notice a detail that completely freaked out all the viewers of this impressive piece of visual entertainment, it turns out, that seeing in detail this couple of splendid snapshots, we noticed that Kylie decided to complement her outfit without wearing any underwear.

Just as you read it, the youngest of the Kardashian Jenner, is not afraid to make her social appearances with anything underneath, something she has done on several occasions, because she mentions that she is totally comfortable, besides that sometimes panties can ruin the look completely and that is something she does not take lightly.

Kylie shared two publications,dressed in this way, and in total there were three beautiful snapshots where the model, she looked radiant and splendid, posing in different ways with her attire, which certainly did not leave much to the imagination.


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In the publication of a single image, we can appreciate the incomparable beauty of the creator and owner of Kylie Skin, posing head-on, with that intense look that characterizes her so much, and that has caused millions of sighs to her fervent admirers, in addition, she sported impeccable makeup with which she highlighted her best features, looking totally stunning.

Coupled with the fact that, for this particular occasion, Kendall Jenner’s little sister chose to use her beautiful hair collected in a low chongo, thus making her face look more framed and therefore very beautiful.

The dress is great wherever you see it, although it is cool due to the short sleeves, the delicate translucent fabric and the breading that orna in the curvy figure, and Kylie, not forgetting to mention the pronounced neckline that almost reaches the navel of the millionaire entrepreneur, so she had to wear a white top, which highlighted in the best possible way her enormous front attributes, capturing the full attention of the audience.

Likewise, in the following publication, she placed two postcards, in which the protagonist was undoubtedly her impressive and prominent melt, because, once you get to this point, it is practically impossible to look away.

There is no doubt that the tycoon of the makeup industry knows perfectly how to get them to pay attention to wholesale, using her massive figure to achieve it, and to position, she hesitation as the queen of Instagram, achieving more and more millions of followers in this famous social network, where the public acclaims her.

Combining her translucent outfit with a pair of white sneakers, her feather bag, and delicate accessories, Jenner impacted users wholesale online, bringing together around 10 million red hearts between the two publications.

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