Shines like Shakira, Apollonia Lapiedra dresses in sequins

The beautiful Spanish model and actress Apolonia Lapiedra has decided to dress in an outfit that reminded Shakira of many of her fans, as it is made practically of sequins like the ones she wears in her locker room.

This is her last official Instagram post which she made a few hours ago and which quickly managed to exceed 20,000 likes and hundreds of comments where she is congratulated and won wholesale by showing them all their support and love for her.

The adult entertainment actress posts photograph every time she gets the chance, but she doesn’t do it constantly so it’s good news every time we see something new on her official Instagram profile where her fans can see it in a different way than the one they met her.

It should be mentioned that many people who know her only place her for her videos but also have an exclusive content page, where she can send you totally personalized photos and videos for you to enjoy to the fullest.

That’s how she also shared with one of her friends a beautiful Argentina whom she wants us to follow so that we can also enjoy its contents.


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There is no doubt that Apolonia lapiedra has been able to take advantage of its great popularity to boost its influencer career and also take advantage to charge those subscriptions that come in very well.

Don’t miss the news of the beautiful Spaniard who will continue to take photos for us and hope that one day she can subscribe to her online, in which for a subscription of $20 per month you could have access to her more than 600 publications and join those thousands of people who have already tried it.

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