Shocking, Stormi owns many more cars than you can imagine

Incredible as it may seem, little Stormi Webster,daughter of businessman Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott, owns a collection of cars,which began basically from the day of her birth.

Since then and to date, we have been able to see how their parents have shown us from their respective official Instagram some of the cars in which they walk, when “mommy” has to go to their social events, or even, inside their mansion.

It is no secret to anyone that the tender girl has a life full of luxuries and thousands of objects that many people around the world could not even imagine in acquiring some, such as these splendid strollers, of which Stormi apparently collects.

From birth, and as she passed her first months of life, the baby enjoyed fabulous luxuries, for we have always seen her with designer garments and objects valued in large amounts of dollars, gathering several zeros.

And now that she’s grown up a little, both mom and dad, they keep pampering her with gifts that cause envy among internet users browsing social media, a clear example is the small, but very valuable, collection of cars Stormi already has in her possession, at just 3 years old.

Remember that the first time the girl got into a vehicle with tires, it was a special edition, it was a beautiful Fendi brand wagon that has a price of more than $12,500, so practically since she was born she walked in the best cars.

Of course, after starting with a cart like this, Kylie couldn’t do more than keep increasing the value of her little girl’s cars, that’s how, during her first year, Stormi received her own white convertible with an electric motor.

We could see this through the Instagram stories of her mom, the youngest of the Kardashian Jenners, showed how cute her little girl looked touring her mansion inside the car she was driving remotely, something quite entertaining to see.

Later more models came to the life of the little one, and it was not only elegant designs like convertibles, but also other styles such as a Quad bike from Frozen, one of her favorite films.


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In another video kylie shared, we were able to appreciate the splendid garage where the entrepreneur keeps her own luxury cars, however, we noticed that in that same place are also parked a pink convertible and an electric Mercedes all-terrain truck, which were customized with plates that bear the name of her daughter.

Definitely the jewel in the crown, it was also a convertible vehicle in black, but decorated with the insignia of its favorite brand: Louis Vuitton, and although the price of this vehicle is not known for certain, it may rise above $20,000.

But Kylie Jenner isn’t the only one consenting to Stormi, her father Travis Scott has also given her gifts with tires, and one of the most special was her own princess carriage in Cinderella’s purest style.

It featured a metal structure with hearts, large rims, and seats with pink leather-lined cushions, which included a collection of costumes from their favorite Disney princesses.

And if this wasn’t enough, Stormi Webster also has a pony valued at $4 million that can take her anywhere, now if you can apply the famous phrase “born in a golden cradle” very well, at this rate, we can’t imagine how many cars you’ll have when you’re of legal age.

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