Show off Georgina Rodriguez Cristiano Ronaldo’s career!

Known as the wife of professional football player Cristiano Ronaldo, Spanish model Georgina Rodríguez shared a tender video in which her partner also known as CR7 appears as the protagonist.

One of the most beloved couples in the middle of the show and sports is the one formed by the footballer and the Spanish model.

It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo today is considered the greatest goal scorer in the world, so his partner decided to share this video in which much of his football career and part of his life since he was a child is recounted in just over two minutes.

The beautiful model and mother of her children Georgina Rodriguez at every opportunity has always tried to share varied content on her official Instagram account, however when she has the opportunity to show off her husband she does it either through photos or as in this case videos.

It’s been nine hours since he shared this video on Instagram, he’s about to reach half a million views, and just over a thousand and two hundred likes.

The video begins with a phrase that the football player mentioned a long time ago, although it is quite simple for sure more than one felt more than identified with what was mentioned in it.

When I was 15, I turned to some of my training students, I clearly remember, I said, “I’ll be the best in the world someday.”

Indeed, that thought and expression that he shared with his students today have come true, apparently, it is an interview that they did to the athlete we do not know if Georgina Rodríguez edited the video.

For his part Cristiano Ronaldo also shared it in his official account, in fact, it is the most recent post he has on Instagram both shared it at the same time and although there are some differences are minimal.

The CR7 video has more than 6 million views, which is no surprise because it has more than 270 million followers to date, compared to its partner Georgina Rodríguez who has 23 million 900 thousand.

As for the comments shared by the footballer, these are more than 45 thousand in total, several of them congratulate him on his career in football and for being one of the favorite players from all over the world, he is a person quite loved by his admirers and especially by football fans.

One thing Georgina Rodríguez, the renowned Spanish model emphasized in her publication, is a phrase that Cristiano Ronaldo said, almost at the end of the video and was that he was not looking for the records but rather they went looking for him.

In much of the video we see different time intervals where he appears as a child, teenager, and also as an adult, such it seems that his whole life has been spinning around football since he was a minor.

With several photos as a child and some old videos begins this tender story, which perhaps for many is more than simple however it also takes into account the effort he has had during all these years as a professional player.

There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo has the support of his partner who always helps highlight his best qualities not only as a player but also as a couple and as a father, not for nothing the player is more than in love with Georgina Rodríguez because although he has no complication to do some promotion on social networks she always gives her support.

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