Show off Georgina Rodriguez Diamond Photo Shoot!

The Spanish model and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo the beautiful and flirtatious Georgina Rodríguez excitedly shared a video in which she appears sporting all her charm in a photoshoot using diamonds like a queen.

Four days ago she shared this video session for her followers on her official Instagram account, where she looked most beautiful and perfect.

Without a doubt, Georgina Rodríguez whom you can find as Georgina Gio on her Instagram, always shares very excited any project she is or was working on, not for nothing is extremely loved by her followers.

Although he does not share content continuously like other celebrities, from the moment he makes a new publication he gets an immediate response from his admirers and especially his partner of professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

His video already has a million 339 thousand 022 reproductions and also more than 1900 comments, where internet users keep commenting that he looked most beautiful and radiant.

He always chooses happiness,” she wrote the model.

As soon as you open the video you can see Georgia’s image posing, in less than two seconds the scene changes and we see some of the scenery that was used for the session, some lamps, lights, and backgrounds to draw even more attention, although these were in white to highlight the jewelry she was wearing.

We also see some of Gio’s preparation before starting with the photos, being quite flirtatious knowing that she was being videotaped, as well as shortly before leaving the hotel where she was sure to be staying.

Every detail that the cameraman managed to capture from time to time to the work tools and the Spanish model itself were a success, the thrill of knowing that they will make you an impressive session and also to know the work that is required for the public to enjoy seeing the beauty of a model is something quite arduous to do, it’s not just taking a picture and already, it actually takes a lot of effort and discipline.

Georgina is not the only celebrity who has shared these kinds of videos, but Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have done so at the time, although Kylie Jenner’s socialite and sister is the one who usually does it in a row and in her Instagram stories, there’s no doubt that great minds think the same way.

Apparently, that day when some photos were taken of him, Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner and mother of their children wore 3 outfits, in the video, they get to see that to prepare it they had more than 10 garments, but in the end, they opted for these outfits, two of them in white and the third a blouse woven in beige.

You shine brighter than diamonds,” “Wonderful shooting,” “Wonderful,” they wrote in the post.

The comments Georgina Gio received were not only in Spanish but also in English and some in different languages, it should be noted that to date she has more than 24 million 100 thousand followers on her Instagram account, which continues to grow.

While his popularity is largely due to CR7 as Cristiano is also known, because he is the personality he has the most followers on Instagram, however with the passage of time from 2017 to date Rodriguez has become popular on his own, thanks to his charisma and beauty, which undoubtedly continues to grow and also being supported by his partner his beloved Cristiano Ronaldo.

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