Shuhei Yoshida Says It’s Highly Easy to Work With PS5

PlayStation 5 is being highly praised for the ease with which studios can work with it.

Shuhei Yoshida, who is currently in charge of relations with independent studios at Sony Interactive Entertainment, talks with Dengeki PlayStation.

According to Yoshida, studios that have already received a dev kit from PS5 are commenting that with PS5 it is easier than ever to develop games for a platform and that they can focus entirely on game development.

Yoshida says it was very important for Sony to achieve this because if hardware puts complications in the way of the creators, they can’t focus on the most important and develop the games.

According to him, this is a continuation of the policy used on PS4, so that studios can create more in less time.

Now, Yoshida is excited about the release of the PS5 and user reactions to the console interface, which will also follow a similar line of thinking: get more done in less time and more affordably.

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