Singer Bebe Rexha, 29 years of age, pays the producers who deem them “too old to be sexy”



BRAVO – had attracted our admiration at the beginning of the year, denouncing the grossophobie of which she was the victim of some fashion houses who refused to dress her size 40. The american pop star has once again used social networks to bury the sexism of the music industry and one can only applaud.

It is not far to become our favorite to the kingdom of the celebrities. Because Bebe Rexha is not afraid to say out loud what many do not dare to speak, afraid to be out of any project. After you have pointed the finger at designers who refused to dress her for the Grammy Awards, because it was the 40, the american singer has used social networks to make her voice heard and to store in the closet the sexism of which he is the victim. She will celebrate her 30 years on 30 August and for its producers, its sexy and safe to glue it with its age.

As if the passage to the thirties was not already delicate enough for women, pushed by the social pressure of “and the children, it is for when ?”. The young woman tells that a producer has recently said that she “was too old” and that “his brand was ‘confused'”. “Because… I’m a songwriter and I post sexy photos on Instagram and this is not what the authors of the songs are supposed to do, especially at my age. I have 29 years old,” she wrote on Twitter.

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“I’m tired of being put in a box. I created my own rules. I’ve had enough women to be labelled ‘old skin’ when they get older, while men are skilled to sexy with age,” she continued. Hollywood is a perfect example. “While the actors are taking advantage of careers rich at 40 and 50 years of age, the actresses are often seen as having an expiration date,” wrote the Washington Post in 2016. After 40 years, 80% of the main roles are held by men, only 20% are women. In his story, Instagram, Bebe Rexha quotes and the late Carrie Fisher (“Star Wars”) : “men don’t age better than women. They are just allowed to grow up”. So the question for the singer to respond to this trend in his own field, the song.

I’m going to celebrate my own age because you know what ? I am wiser, stronger, and believe me, I’m a much better lover than 10 years ago– Bebe Rexha

“I’m not going to lie about my age or singing songs that would sell better because they sound ‘more young people’. I’m going to celebrate my own age because you know what ? I am wiser, stronger, and believe me, I’m a much better lover than they were 10 years ago,” she added, dedicating a picture of her in black underwear in “producer who said that I was too old to be sexy”. “And this, this is too sexy for you?” fun-t-it.

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Also shared on Instagram, the photo and his comments have been applauded by over 1 million people including big names of the music industry. “Go down them, those who have 29 years unite”, has promoted Taylor Swift while the singer Anastacia has shared his own experience. “I signed my first contract to 30 years, so if you’re old, I’m an old one. Let the haters with their hate”, she notes.

Bebe Rexha may also rely on the experience of Madonna, which, even today, is under the fire of critics for 60 years. “I am a victim of discrimination due to my age. The people I belittle or are difficult with me because I often go to younger men or that I do things supposed to be reserved for younger women. But who established those rules ? I’m going to continue to beat me,” said the queen of pop to The Cut in April 2018. And we with it !

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