Singer Melina León is hospitalized for Covid-19


The participant of the Univisión program ‘Tu Cara me Suena’ has been infected, like Sandra Echeverría and Llane.

Melina León has been hospitalized after testing positive for Covid-19 and presenting symptoms of viral pneumonia, for which she was admitted to the emergency room to be treated.

The Puerto Rican singer is one of the participants of the Univisión program ‘Tu Cara me Suena’ and sent this message through a statement.

“During the rehearsals to play Alejandra Guzmán I felt suffocated, I thought it was something in the air that affected me. Unfortunately, this has given me strength, I have a fever, cough, and all the other symptoms. This is not a game, please take it seriously, I don’t wish it on anyone. I always went out with my mask and I consider that I took all the recommended precautions. This is not easy and it can all give us different ways, in my case I tell you that it is horrible, but in the name of my beloved Father I will come out of this with more strength to be back on stage ”.

In this program ‘Tu Cara me Suena’ there are already three confirmed, first Llane, then Melina León, and then Sandra Echeverría. There is talk of another positive for Covid-19, but her identity has not been officially revealed nor has it been confirmed.

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