Snyder Cut : there will be no reshoots for the new version of the Justice League


Since a few days, a great excitement is being felt in the fandoms of the universe DC Comics in the film, particularly around Zack Snyder. In fact, earlier in the week, the filmmaker announced, after more than two years of requests from fans, the release of the film version Justice League, to come on HBO Max.

We are already income in a long editorial on the ins and outs of this success fandom in the face of a studio that had stolen his filmmaker has a vision that he had initially ordered. If the Hollywood Reporter has already reported that Warner granted Zack Snyder at least twenty million dollars to complete his film, with what it involves special effects, post-production, and returning actors for the acquisition of additional dialog, speculations are already many on the fact that the actors can find their costumes and turn of the scenes previously unseen in the fanbase.

It is on the side of TheWrap we need to turn to put immediately an end to this too full of excitement : no, Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck or Gal Gadot will not come back shoot new scenes for Justice League. Their presence will not be requested for the voice recording. For all that, the media states that the thing had been well considered and is even requested by Zack Snyder in the course of its negotiations with decision makers of Warner Bros. (and, by extension, AT&Tthe two entities with big playing with HBO Max).

This is something that has not been reported yet : Zack Snyder wanted to shoot additional scenes, but HBO Max replied that it could not be done. The studio told him “we are going to give you the means to post-production, special effects, music, and even for dubbing additional, but there will be no reshoots of any kind on the film.”

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Beyond a budget certainly much more important than it would have had to pay to succeed to bring all the members of the Justice League (in the case that they would have all been starters, in the light of their support to the filmmaker), the issues of jobs, time, fitness of players and the new conditions of filming in a period Covid-19, the stresses would be too high, so that Zack Snyder’s Justice League should be coming out next year on the platform HBO Max.

Despite this decision, we know that Zack Snyder had at least four hours of rushes and that, according to his statements, the cinema version of Justice League contains only a quarter of what he had filmed. The director will therefore have plenty of material with which to work, as one can imagine, to propose its long awaited version. The developer has also already been stated to be at work on a first trailer. Patience, therefore…



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