Son of Paulina Rubio and Nicolás Vallejo Nájera is psychologically affected


The minor has this affectation due to problems between his parents, according to a Miami court specialist.

The son of Paulina Rubio and Nicolás Vallejo-Nájera is already affected psychologically by the problems between his parents, according to the statements of the specialist assigned by the Court to monitor the well-being of the child.

The Guadiana has stated: “The boy came to my office a couple of weeks ago and he is a very protective little one not only with his mother, but also with his father, and when we started talking about the problems between them, he became very nervous and began to lie to me, and not because he doesn’t trust me, it’s normal, it’s a defense mechanism, I said it before and I confirm it, he needs individual therapy, space just for him ”.

The specialist also indicated that Paulina and Collate need to have a supervisor, a relative who acts as a mediator to agree on everything related to Andrea Nicolás, preferably a relative, since the former couple cannot agree even on the time to exchange the visit of the minor during their stays at each one’s home.

Collate has revealed that all his communication between him and Paulina is in writing so that there is evidence of all the dialogues between them.

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