Sony is considering to broadcast concerts into virtual reality


Sony is accelerating its efforts in the field of virtual reality, after its CEO Kenichiro Yoshida. In an interview with the Financial Times may 20, 2020, the officer explained that he sees this technology as a solution to overcome the measures of social distancing, which could paralyze the entertainment market for long months.

“The challenge is to produce concerts that are at a distance while being immersive and real-time scrolling. We study the streaming in VR, but the key to success is to achieve simplify the experience.” The same technology could be applied to sporting events. The trigger for this initiative was obviously the success of the concert of Travis Scott which took place at the end of April inside the game Fortnite. The event was a great success, bringing together 12 million viewers.

Sony is one of the leaders on the market of virtual reality, the general public, with more than five million units elapsed for the PlayStation VR, a headset that works like an accessory to the PlayStation 4. Its main competitors in this area are Oculus, a brand owned by Facebook, and Valve’s, which publishes the sales platform of Steam games. The other players of the game consoles, Microsoft and Nintendo, have not publicly announced policy in the matter. Phil Spencer, who heads the division Xbox at Microsoft, has even stated several times that this was not a priority.

If Kenichiro Yoshida has not addressed the issue of a PlayStation VR 2 during the interview, there is no doubt that Sony is working on the issue. The release of its next console, the PlayStation 5, is scheduled for the end of the year, and will be facing the Xbox Series X. to be Able to propose experiments in virtual reality will be a significant advantage for the japanese company in the face of its american competitor.


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