Sophie Turner is committed to combating racism !


On his account Instagram, Sophie Turner shared a photo where she decided to get engage against racism. It was also revealed his thought !

A few days ago, Sophie Turner is outraged by the terrible death of George Floyd on the social networks. As a reminder, a police officer stopped this american man black. He was tackled to the ground and to be maintained with the knee on his neck.

While George Floyd begged the officer to stop because he could not breathe, the latter has not moved. The passers-by, terrified, have also asked the officer to let him out of the air, in vain. The man died at the chagrin of Sophie Turner.

Many people around the world have breathed a huge rant after this violent arrest. The death of George Floyd caused a surge of solidarity and commitment in the fight against racism attended by Sophie Turner.

Upon the death of George Floyd, she had confided on the social networks : “One country, two systems “. A comparison with Dylann Roof, a white man arrested peacefully when he was killed 9 people.

Sophie Turner is committed to combating racism on Instagram !

Sophie Turner more mobilized than ever against racism

Sophie Turner was also added : We can not remain silent in the face of such situations that are happening today “. But this is not all. Tuesday 2 June, she took the floor again on the social networks.

Once more, the actress is committed against racism by posting a picture with written : “Black Lives Matter “. The young woman is very concerned about this question very important and vital for some.

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In the caption of his photo Instagram, Sophie Turner also wrote : “My heart is heavy. I am supportive of those who denounce racism and fight for justice and equality. The silence is not an option “.

The mom-to-be has also added : “Although my voice may not be the must be heard, I want to point out some of the ones that we should listen “. And then she has unveiled a list of persons to its fans.