Sophie Turner once in love with Cole Sprouse (Riverdale)?

At the time, Sophie Turner fell in love with Cole Sprouse, a former Disney Channel star turned Riverdale star.

Before she fell madly in love with her husband, Sophie Turner’s heart was pounding for an actor. Cole Sprouse, star of the Riverdale series, did not leave her indifferent.

It’s no secret that Sophie Turner is in love with Joe Jonas. Together, the actress and singer had an adorable little girl. And, of course, they still love each other as they did on the first day.

However, the woman who played Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones has had other love before her. Indeed, the heart of the actress beat the cha bullying for other men.

Moreover, according to the revelations of our colleagues of Melty, the star even had a small weakness for a young man well known to viewers.

Suspense… If this man now wears the Riverdale series, she was once a big star of Disney Channel. So, did you guess? This is Cole Sprouse, of course!

It was during an interview with W Magazine in 2017 that Sophie Turner told this funny anecdote. At the time, the Riverdale star didn’t make her indifferent. Quite the opposite!

So when the young mom found out that she was the one who was going to photograph her for the magazine, she didn’t know where to put herself. For her, it was a great honor!

“I love Cole. I used to look at her when I was growing up. I said to her on set: ‘When I was younger, I watched your show religiously’. It was my passion. I know every episode. My eight-year-old myself was panicking. »


How cute! In any case, Sophie Turner is not the only star to have had a crush on the star of Riverdale. At the time, the young man was knocking down all heads.

Indeed, Selena Gomez, too, had not resisted her charm. And the least we can say is that the performer of Lose You To Love Me never hid from it! “I had written on all my closets that I was in love with Cole Sprouse,” she said.

Thus, the singer was waiting for only one thing: to spend time with her on the set. So when she was told that she was going to star in Zack and Cody’s The Palace Life, she couldn’t be happier!

“Cole was in the Palace Life of Zack and Cody and I was more than obsessed with this series. I thought we’d be together one day,” she said. “Then I landed a regular role on the TV show.”

So Selena Gomez was impatient to be able to kiss the beautiful goss of Riverdale, as she hoped. This moment never happened… “But I kissed Dylan and I couldn’t kiss Cole. It was my first kiss and it was being filmed! It was one of the worst days of my life. »

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