Specialist points out that Meghan Markle lied and reveals evidence

After the interview actress Meghan Markle had with Oprah Winfrey, in the eyes of many, she was seen as the victim, however, a body language expert reveals that Prince Harry’s wife lies What are her reasons?

Jesús Enríque Rosas, dedicated to the study of body language reveals that through an analysis of postures, countenances, gestures, and even the clothing of Meghan Markle and her husband Enríque de Sussex in the interview led him to know many details of the personality of the American.

Amid the strong and scandalous claims that have shown the bad relationship between Meghan and royalty, the specialist in “body language and persuasion”, issues his opinion through a full study and a series of videos that would prove his version, this after watching the interview with Oprah Winfrey.

That’s the truth,’ he points out, as he blinks 7 times in two seconds, looking away. It is a sign that it was not entirely sincere, says Jesus Enríque.

From appreciating details in their postures, countenances, gestures and to the attire of Meghan and her husband Enríque de Sussex in the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jesus Enríque concluded that the “former actress” might have lied, so she also revealed, it is Meghan who takes the reins of the relationship.

This, because he points out, the heir to royalty, is seen astá tense, leaning forward. He doesn’t have a position of confidence he points out. While Meghan appears relaxed and in control.

In the expert’s opinion, although the “ex-royal” is an actress, many of her gesticulations are not due to this reason.

Meghan uses certain gestures that do not come from her training as an actress. This is something else. How to ‘underline’ your lips with your index finger. This gesture is used to reinforce any statement, he noted.

Like this, when she manifests “‘She just didn’t want to stay alive,’ the movement of her head coincides with her words, even ensuring her left eyebrow rises a fraction of a second.


As for the son of the d! funta Diana of Wales points out that Harry was insecure and even submissive in front of Meghan as if the idea had come from her and he just took up his directions. Many of the poses indicate that he is under the control of the actress of “Suits”.

In a couple, he says, it’s a good sign if his axes reflect each other but this is the opposite, Meghan “is emotionally separated from him,” he says.

Her hands on top of him, another show of control. His palm might be down (which would indicate some control) however it is turned towards it. Orra sign of submission.


According to Rosas, “Meghan has great power in terms of poses and knows how to use it. He knows how to play with his chin and elbows open, looking directly at Oprah. Also, look at the color you chose: Black. Much more powerful than Harry’s white and gray. That’s another sign of who’s in charge.”

It also points to a very important detail as to Meghan’s feet as it points out by her position, both limbs are safely projected onto Oprah, demonstrating that there is a strong connection or synchrony.

Instead, Harry, besides having his feet stuck back, crosses his ankles and they’re not firmly planted. He also hides his hands between his legs, covering his int! ma part, as well as the inner thigh (a defensive gesture), points out.

Another detail is Harry’s quick flicker, when he comments “… with my wife by my side,” he sticks out his tongue exactly after saying these words. It’s a strong emotional reaction. A contrast to Meghan’s attitude cannot be contained, he wrote down.

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