Spider-Man 3 : The start of the filming soon ?


The pandemic is forcing, many films have seen the beginning of its production to be postponed for an indefinite period. This was particularly the case of Spider-Man 3, whose shooting would have had to start from the 13th of July and extend until the end of October. Recently, rumors were doing at this time echo the start of filming in September, and this can be confirmed if you believe the site Comicbook, which is described in reality a form of a casting call in which this information. This card also confirm that the places previously disclosed, or Los Angeles, the City of New York, Atlanta, and, eventually, Iceland.

Spider-Man in Spider-Man returns home
Spider-Man in Spider-Man returns home

On the other hand, these are the only two key pieces of information that are present in this call for the castthat or the synopsis, or title, or the name of your character was going to be registered. Despite the pandemic of coronavirus is far from being ancient history, it seems that all of the same logic that the studios are trying to establish new dates of filming. However, it is impossible to predict how the situation will evolve, which means that the beginning of the production of the film, potentially, can be re-pushed. Studies Sony Pictures absolutely out Uncharted before Spider-Man 3it could even be the beginning of the filming is done without Tom Holland. It is likely to wait until the end of the summer to learn more.

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