Square Enix Will Convert Gunslinger Stratos to Consoles and PC

Square Enix is ​​finally preparing the arrival of PC and console versions of its Gunslinger Stratos game.

This multiplayer action-shooter game has been available in the Japanese arcades since 2012 and has had several sequels over the last few years.

Gunslinger Stratos Σ was released in 2017 and represents an expanded version of the third Gunslinger Stratos, which, like other games, remained unique to Japan and arcade rooms.

Now, thanks Gematsu, Square Enix is ​​ready to unveil Gunslinger Stratos console and PC versions, as confirmed by the series producer.

Nobuki Kadoi has confirmed that he is leaving Square Enix and will pass the series lead to Makoto Ono, but shared that one of the last things he did was start producing home versions of Gunslinger Stratos.

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