Star Trek 4 : Simon Pegg thinks that it is necessary to revisit the ambitions of the (…)


Although there has been a lot of activity on the side of the television for Star Trek lately, things have been rather quiet in regards to the(s) next(s) long(s) mtrage(s) of the franchise. Simon Pegg is now talking about the new direction that could take the films Trek.

Simon Pegg played the role of Scotty in the 3 films of the Kelvin-verse produced by J. J. Abrams and co-written the Star Trek : No limits 2016. 2 years ago, Pegg was optimistic about his return in Star Trek while Paramount prparait a fourth component, but this project came to an end after the negotiations with Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth have been blocked. the end of the year, hope to see Star Trek on the big screen is back, because Noah Hawley (Fargo) was chosen by Paramount to boost a new film Trek.

It is not known if the project Hawley would involve the distribution of Kelvin, and in a new interview with Collider, Simon Pegg says he still does not know him-ms., adding that he and his co-stars Star Trek stay in touch and that they “would jump all over the opportunity” to return if they were asked. However, Pegg has also emphasized that the accidental death of Anton Yelchin (Tchekov) in 2016 “a slight enlev the wind out of our sails in terms of enthusiasm to do another one.”

For now, Pegg is working for Paramount on the next 2 films Mission : Impossible, tourns back by the ralisateur Christopher McQuarrie. The filming of this project was interrupted in February because of the pandmie of coronavirus.

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Regardless of his involvement, Pegg has had a few rflexions on the way to the Paramount, should be addressed in the next film :

“The fact is that the public Star Trek is a more of a niche audience than, for example, Marvel movies, which relate to standards, sums of money, and who have an audience really, really wide, and they dbrouillent very well. I think Star Trek is just a little more cratif, so it’s not going to reach that kind of numbers. So, yes, the thing apparent to do would be to not get into this show massive, choose something a little more restricted in the vein of the series original. Yes, it would be a shiny thing to do, and I’m sr it probably has to discuss it… You spcialisez a little more. “

It is likely that Paramount rduise the scale (and especially) for the next film Star Trekas indicated by their attempts to rengociation with Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine after the performance lower than planned in Star Trek : No limits. Pegg has ms. suggr that may be ViacomCBS should just let the ct CBS run with Star Trek for the moment :

“It may be that the television is a better place for Star Trek now. The television has so much volu. It has become something of trs contemporain, a double beauty. It is simply perue a way different answer. She no longer has a door rduite. You can still do masses of things interesting, and it can still look modern and not forcment good march. “

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After that Quentin Tarantino has indicated that he was abandoning his project Star Trek the end of the year, the project Trek of Hawley seems to be the only one to grow at Paramount at this time. In February, Bob Bakish, CEO of ViacomCBS, has presented investors with a “new project Star Trek trs expected at Paramount”. In early April, Jeff Russo, the composer of Star Trek : Discovery and Star Trek : Picardworking in close collaboration with Hawley, has dclar to have parl Hawley the story of his film Star Trek and the find “exciting”. Later in April, it was learned that Paramount was still awaiting a script for the next movie Star Trekbecause they were looking to work again with Chris Pine on a reboot The Saint.


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