Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, a trailer presents update 3.01


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, a trailer presents update 3.01 which introduces new fighters and a new game season.

trailer for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition presents update 3.01. This is the update that introduces new fighters and new competitive seasons and that transforms the basic game into its “Champions Edition”.

Street Fighter V’s 3.01 update introduces several new features and balances to Capcom’s famous fighting game. Adds a new character, Seth, complete with new costumes. New characters and new costumes will be published during the season. In addition, Capcom is attempting to fix the bug that misses some hits like Chun-Li’s average kick when done at close range.

The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition contains all the characters of the 4 seasons, all the contents of the story and the battles. It also includes all Premium DLCs, such as Christmas 2019, or Extra DLCs such as Nergigante Blanka.

All internships published so far will also be contained, including thematic ones, as well as all the colors of all the costumes. All the kinematics and soundtracks. In short, everything that has been published so far.

The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is also available in stand-alone format. The game is available on PlayStation 4 starting February 14, 2020, for € 29.99. On Steam it will be possible to download the ” Upgrade Kit ” for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for € 24.99.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, therefore, includes all the extra content of Street Fighter V and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. There are therefore 40 characters, 34 scenarios, and over 200 costumes.

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Here is the list of all the contents included in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition :

The press release of the game specifies: ” The basic version of Street Fighter V remains the only purchase that a consumer must make to ensure that he always has the most updated version of the title. All additional game modes and character balance patches are free for owners of any of the versions of Street Fighter V. In addition, all the characters of the DLC are still unlockable for free, completing various challenges and earning the in-game currency, the “Fight Money”. For those who do not succeed waiting, in-game content can also be purchased in real currency. Some additional content can only be purchased with Fight Money, a currency earned by playing the game normally. “


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