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Minecraft it is something more than a video game in which you place and destroy blocks. Thousands of users of all ages, use the creative mode of the game to build their own worlds and sometimes, to recreate the common places where we live day to day.

Minecraft Student HugoSuch is the case of Hugo Morales Vázquez, student of high school originally from the border city of Reynosa, who in the wake of the suspension of classes in their school, by the contingency of health caused by the COVID-19, decided to carry out a project that had in mind a few months ago, to recreate the campus of the UANE, where she is studying the third semester of baccalaureate modular bilingual.

The creation of Hugo will be unveiled in a group of Facebook where got around 4,200 likes, 1,500 comments and 2,200 shares. Even the web site Millennium News he dedicated a note in his section of “Viral”.

We could not stay with the desire to meet the author behind the map Minecraft, and we did contact him to make a small interview. Then, we will share this experience:


We Are Not Geeks: Hello Hugo! Tell us, How it became viral the map of Minecraft that you did in your school?

Hugo: You know, it did not intend that, the truth first of all I published the 19th of march in my profile of Facebook, just to show my colleagues what had recreated and the truth came out of the nothing that is shared, the same day that you published it on a page called ‘Brains’ and there is scattered”.

“After in the page of UANE Reynosa congratulated me and if I remember correctly, also the UANE in general. Then came my mom and taught me that I had come to Millennium”.

NSÑ: How it all began? When did you begin to build your high school and what difficulties did you have?

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Hugo: “First, the idea had been raised since February, but I had some school projects that I had to do. So I thought I’d make it this month since I was finished with the evaluations of the school”.

“In that came up ‘Covid-19’ and in the UANE canceled classes on some campus, including mine and I thought; ‘wow they cancelled classes, what am I going to do in this time?’ I got the idea of making the campus of my small town and began to recreate it at home, on my computer.

Photo of the interior of the UANE

I had already raised in my mind the basic structure of the school, yes, I failed to remember some details of the different areas of campus. I asked several friends for the message, as were the colors and a few more things. Also I took references of some images of the page of the school although they were very scarce. Also obserbé the youtube channels of some of the companions of the UANE”.

NSÑ: So your teammates didn’t help build the map?

Hugo: “No, I did it alone.”

NSÑ: How much time took you do it?

Hugo:It took Me 4 days, 5 hours and 22 minutestaking into account the breaks and the points saved that you did in Minecraft. Build different scenarios, which consist of the main facade, view of the interior of the building, common areas such as hallways, sports fields, etc.”

Minecraft Student UANE

NSÑ: Does the map you created on your computer, but you can play it on any other console?

Hugo:Game on XBOX, but the work I did on the computer. By the time he is not adapted in consoles or devices, think of doing it later, and if anyone is interested you can download it in my profile of facebook from my account Mega“.

NSÑ: What would you recommend to other players to continue with this type of project?

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Hugo: “Yes, this can open the mind and help you to express yourself. I highly recommend it”.

Minecraft Student UANE

NSÑ: Thanks Hugo, any final comments or message you want to send to our geek readers?

Hugo: ¡Minecraft connects us! I release your potential!

Then you share the gallery of this student is exemplary:

We thank Hugo for sharing your experience with us, and at the same time, we encourage all our followers to collaborate with projects like this, or simply spend a pleasant moment, in these times where we must remain united and above all, very creative.

Minecraft Student UANE

What you do you think?
It certainly is an amazing way to pass the quarantine!

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