Surprise actress Mia Khalifa By increasing her charms!

New news that Mia Khalifa shared on her official Instagram account through her stories is that she decided to make an increase in her charms.

It should be noted that the social media celebrity is known to have large curves on top of her figure, however, the increase that was being made was not for this part of her body.

If you are a fan of Mia Khalifa you will know that for a few months she decided to exercise on a constant basis, today we have seen the flattering results that she has been having, and that is that she has also shared them with us.

However, as every vain woman surely wants to continue improving her figure, for this and has gradually worked every part of her now turned body so that she has the shape she desires and with which she is satisfied.

She recently shared a video in her stories where she was being augmented by a machine that also seems to massage her in this area of her figure, previously she had shared content of this type but with clothes.

In the post she recently made she appears wearing only a tiny outfit that is lost among her charms, while recording the scene she gave her some laughter to see herself so she did not endure and let out a rather sticky laugh.

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