Taylor Swift is supporting singer Anita Baker in her fight!

While Taylor Swift recently fought against her producer, the singer is supporting Anita Baker.

On the social network Twitter, Taylor Swift affirmed her support for Anita Baker. The American soul and jazz singer is fighting to reclaim the rights to her music license.

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift never misses an opportunity to be generous. Indeed, the singer reaches out to all those who feel the need.

So this time, the woman who is about to release the reissue of her album Fearless gives a boost to Anita Baker. And for good reason, the 63-year-old singer is fighting to regain control of her musical career.

For example, the Hollywood star recently wrote a number of tweets that were worrying, to say the least. In short, she asked her fans not to buy or broadcast her music in the middle of her battle for her master’s license.

So his fight could only talk to Taylor Swift! A few months ago, she, too, was fighting against her producer Scooter Braun, head of Ithaca Holdings LLC and holder of its music catalog since June 30, 2019.

So Taylor Swift could not remain silent in the face of such a case, which marks all generations. It was on the bluebird social network that she told him she was supporting him.

“I encourage you in your fight to get your job back and I really appreciate your support!! Thank you,” wrote the pretty blonde. It didn’t take more than that to please the principal interested!


Indeed, Anita Baker was quick to reply to Taylor Swift: “This solidarity is a beautiful thing! Thank you. So, will she succeed in the coming weeks?

In any case, this is not the first time that the singer gives of her person to help her loved ones. But it’s not just that. Proof of this is that his generosity has no limits.

During the Covid-19 period, the artist never hesitates to reach out to those who have seen their lives fall apart. In the latest episode, the young woman donated $50,000 to the GoFundMe platform.

The reason? She wanted to give a boost to Vickie Quarles, a mother of five, who lost her husband to the virus. Last December, she also got her hands on the wallet.

Yes, Willow’s interpreter had given $13,000 to two other mothers. They too, still because of the health crisis, were struggling to make ends meet.

Last year, Taylor Swift helped an 18-year-old English girl who couldn’t get into the school of her choice. “I am so inspired by your fundraising and dedication to making your dreams come true,” the artist wrote.

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