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Producer and director on “Teen Titans Go!”, Peter Rida Michail sharing some information on season 6 of the animated series, currently airing on Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! is broadcast Monday to Friday at 16: 35 on Cartoon Network

AlloCiné : can you tell us about the universe of “Teen Titans Go!” ?

Peter Rida Michail (director) : We have just finished season 6 of our series. 89 episodes of my active since 2013 as a producer, director on 55 episodes… not to mention the voice that I interpret as Christopher the rain cloud, Mustard, Cranberry roll or Fortune Cookie ! I’ve even written some songs in the series. It’s a job ! We’re already gearing up for season 7. We also produce some specials for the end of the year holidays. Since the beginning of Teen Titans Go! 317 episodes have been produced and by the end of season 7 we will be at 365 episodes. Not bad for a series that nobody wanted to produce at the beginning !

What is it that has changed as the seasons ?

At the beginning, we do not take risks and it was clearly the battle between the nice superheroes and the villains of the moment. And we do not take too much of a risk not to talk about things other than their personal rivalries. There really were no comments on the current events in the world. It was above all to entertain the crowd with some jokes and light-fighting fun. Now, after six seasons, the humor is much more sophisticated and black. We have also more and more well-known actors who want to give their voice to a character, like Nicolas Cage (Superman), Jimmy Kimmel (Batman), Kristen Bell (Jade Wilson), Will Arnett (Slade) or Lil Yachty (Green Lantern).

For you, beyond the super-hero, what is the series ?

Even if this series seems to be for the children, I think that it is primarily addressed to adults. For children, this is a series of super-heroes who spend their time to compete, but I think the adults see the deeper themes and sometimes downright more “practical”. I think of an episode that spoke of the problem of the cost of housing. Or other health. We even had an episode on the payment of a bill at a restaurant and how to share it among friends without ending up in a fight ! We will nonetheless seek to stay away from debates that are too political. What we are interested in, what are human relations and how we get beyond our differences, to co-exist in a society that is unstable and fragile.

What are the challenges that you face in terms of production ?

The real challenge, after more than 300 episodes, is to have ideas and to be original. It is a real tower of strength to continue to find inspiration episode after episode ! All that we need to push the bar higher and higher compared to the adventures and spectacular of our heroes. This is not always simple. Due to lack of time in general.

Beyond the celebrities and super-heroes who have caméos in the series, do you want to convince others to come and lend a hand to the Titans ?

The absolute dream would be to see the Marvel heroes and visit us ! (Laughter) I’m not sure that this will happen but it would be giant, and so absurd !

Y-a-t ’he a Titan in which you agree ?

The one that most makes me laugh, it was Robin ! I love it and I like him a little bit. I love to make people laugh and throw jokes. But, because each Titan evokes an emotion, I identify with all the Titans. I love the emotion in infant Cyborg or Beast Boy. I love the innocence of Starfire. And I’m of a mood as black as Raven from time to time. Therefore, according to the time of the week and what’s happening in me, I can put myself in the shoes of such or such character.

Given that we are going through a surrealist phase with the pandemic COVID-19, is that there will be references to this disaster in some episodes of season 6 ?

Absolutely. I’m not going to reveal to you what we have prepared, but you will see that this containment is addressed in one or two episodes of season 6. This is a historic moment that we all live in. We had to immortalize him in one way or another through Teen Titans Go!.


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