The 12 chimes of the noon is the favorite game of the French !


12 coups de midi the armies of almost 10 years, viewers of TF1… that good ! As revealed by the survey OpinionWWay/TV Magazine, unveiled this Thursday, June 25, the game program is the favorite of the French. What a delight of Jean-Luc Reichmann, who spoke with our colleagues of TV Mag : “I am happy and very proud of all the teams. This broadcast is the reflection of society, because all classes are represented there. And then the public is sensitive to the level of my obligation, that is unbearable. I try to gather all the generations. It is a social link, this problem!“. The former master of midi, Eric has recently broken the record of the issuance, with 199 entries and 921 316 euros of profit. It was removed on the 19th of last June, leaving the place to the cola drinks.

In the second place, we find Don’t forget the lyrics of the songthat animates the evening on France 2, followed by Who wants to be a millionaire ? now presented by Camille Combal, which facilitated the containment with the emissions at a distance, where celebrities were able to raise funds for the associations.

M-C. C

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