“The attitude of hollywood, “fire and flame” by Meghan Markle was not compatible with the palais royal”


The duchess of Sussex, the 38-year-old, who currently lives in Los Angeles, in the ancestral home of the pharaohs of 18 million dollars from Tyler Perry, with prince Harry, 35, and his son Archie, 13 months, would have quickly put back the personal in order to facilitate its transition as a member of the royal family. This is what is stated in the research of journalists Dylan Howard and Andy Tillett in his next book, members of the Royalty In the War.

Then promised to the Prince, Meghan is full of good will with their energy, “west coast”, which included waking up at 5 in the morning, but that “bombarded by SMS” to his staff that he was in the habit of crazy.

A former member of his staff, said to the authors:“Meghan can be difficult. Has very high standard of living and has the habit of working in an environment that is hollywood. However, in the royal house,the level of respect is different than that of Hollywood.”

Meghan rushed to support charitable organizations without taking into account the details of your sponsorship, according to the book, which quotes an ex-member of staff: “It was all very rushed, without proper investigation. She had an attitude all fired up, very hollywood.”

Its stringent requirements have led to a turnover of staff, as “important”. Five members of its staff who have rendered their resignation, or asked his mutation after the marriage of the actress with prince Harry in may of 2018.

A senior official for the protection of women who have left their service after it was incensed because Meghan “I was not aware of the safety tips to venturing into situations of risk”.

Very quickly, the american actress has discovered the limitations of royalty-frustrating – in particular, the line of conduct which requires that members of the royal family, being diplomatically impartial and not to deliver in their opinions. In September of 2019, the prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been released of the help of the palace, and hired the public relations firm Sunshine Sachs, whose clients include Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lopez.

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Howard has said about this decision: “Sources in the palace have told me that at this stage, it was the drop that overflowed the glass.””

“The Palace is directed by a hierarchy of advisers, helpers and assistants, who hold the real power”. After Meghan was released from those ropes, there was no way back.”

Shawn Sachs, and Keleigh Thomas Morgan, who represented the duchess when she was an actress in the american series Suits, have been guided through the subject of high-profile cases such as that of being the guest editor of the Vogue magazine.

Sun Sachs is considered one of the best companies in the management of the crisis in the united States and has been named as the best firm of public relations by the New York observer in 2014. Founded in 1991, which currently employs approximately 185 people and has among its clients companies prestigious brands such as Microsoft and eBay.


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