“The black Dahlia “, the heart of darkness hollywood


Work paradoxical that ” the black Dahlia “, the classic of the classics of James Ellroy, whose film adaptation was long coveted by the filmmakers most of Hollywood, but that won finally a Brian De Palma age, now exiled in Europe, where the film was shot in its entirety. The result fascinates with its dimension hybrid, cracked. This investigation winding on the death of an actress of series ” B ” found carved on a wasteland of L. A. and that turns to obsession to be toxic to the two cops in charge is virtuoso and kitsch, resolutely fetishist (as expected) but yet elusive.

You can feel De Palma groping a bit to find by lightning (many) the brightness of his genius in the cloaca smoky conceived by the pope of the polar california. The great scene of the discovery of the body of Elizabeth Short, the nightmare a little grotesque humming of visions of unspeakable but built on a schema that is incredibly sophisticated and perverse, summarizes well the symphony of contrasts that orchestrates the film. The distribution is accordingly : for a Josh Hartnett lantern, “the black Dahlia” offers two of the actors in gold : Aaron Eckhart and especially Scarlett Johansson, little monster, sweet and maternal.

Saturday, 30 may at 20: 50 on Cine + Thrill. Thriller by Brian de Palma (2006). With Scarlett Johansson, Josh Hartnett. 1h56. (Multicast and on demand).

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