The call to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth has advanced to the couple made up of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who are about to premiere Oprah Winfrey’s controversial interview, the monarch spread a message in which she emphasized the “sense of duty.”

It would be Queen Elizabeth, who called on the“Dukes of Sussex”a few hours after the controversial interview in which they will address among many other topics, their experience as part of the British Royal Family.

The“sovereign of sixteen states” that make up the commonwealth of nations offered a televised speech on Sunday, March 07, her words highlighted the importance of dedication to“duty,” which they claim refers to a message to the “former royal couple.”

The moments of hard trial suffered by so many have led to a deeper appreciation of the reciprocal support and spiritual support we enjoy when in contact with others,” he added.

It was during the Commonwealth Day Service that the “head of the British crownhighlighted the selfless work of all those who provided a service, “have been the example of “courage, commitment, and dedication.”

The 94-year-old sovereign who on 6 February celebrated her 69th anniversary of having ascended to the British throne flattered all those belonging to the Commonwealth who during the pandemic “sacrificed for others.”

It should be remembered that in the early 2020s, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their resignation from their roles within the monarchy, their move in addition to a series of decisions have mostly widened the gap between them and the British Family, which appears to continue to grow more and more.

However, for his part, Harry would also set out his position on the duty to which for several years, the royal has devoted her entire life.

We can all live a life dedicated to service, it is universal,” the couple said in recent statements

This after past statements will reaffirm their stance of not returning to their position as part of royalty, which was made known by Buckingham Palace sources

Similarly, the announcement referred to the time the couple made their last appearance last year at one of their last Commonwealth-related events prior to giving up their royal debris, which took place at Westminster Abbey from where today, the Londoner made the filmed message.

Through her Instagram account, the monarch appeared holstered informal blue attire, and on her sides were placed two rows with the flags of the sixteen nations that make up the Commonwealth that she has led during her many years of reign.

Today, Queen Elizabeth is considered one of the longest-running monarchs in the history of the British monarchy, since her ascension to the throne, “Her Majesty” has led a firm commitment to put “duty” before any other decision. Since the age of 25, the “Head of State” has been unconditional to everything that represents her work.

It was 6 February 1952 that news broke that the young woman, Elizabeth Alexandra Marie, was taking the throne of England.

This is a date when the Queen usually moves to her residence in Sandringham with her husband, Philip of Edinburgh, were far from celebrating silently commemorates her arrival on the throne, but it is also a moment when she remembers her father, King George VI.

Last 2020, she ended up with some of the entrenched traditions in the royal family, as these are two occasions when the monarch went through confined to Buckingham Palace in the wake of the health crisis.

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