The daughter of Dwayne Johnson refuses to believe that it is Maui in Moana


Dwayne Johnson has published regular updates on its social media accounts detailing her life in quarantine. A publication on his account Instagram has led to a result that is hilarious: his two year old daughter refuses to believe that her father is in fact the person who expresses Maui in Disney’s Moana from 2016 onwards. He regularly speaks of him singing the song “You’re Welcome” and explain to him that him, Dwayne Johnson, is in fact Maui. She stops him, however, and this is perhaps the thing most cute thing you’ll ever see. See the publication of his Instagram below and try not to smile. “She still refuses to believe the urban legend that her dad is in fact, Maui,” writes Johnson.

Check out this post on Instagram.

Dwayne Johnson was the perfect Maui

Moana is perhaps the best Disney movie of the last 20 years. This seems to be a strong statement, but look at the facts: he has a cast of incredible voice, including Jemaine Clement, Rachel House, Temuera Morrison, Nicole Scherzinger, Auli’i Cravalho and, of course, Dwayne Johnson. The songs were co-written by Mark Mancina and author-composer-interpreter of Tokélaouans Opetaia Foa’iand oh yeah, a guy named Lin-Manuel Miranda. Not just ” you’re welcome “, but all of the incredible music of the film, some of the best in the catalog Disney. The messages of the film on the research of your own way and on the past of your people are more important than ever these days. The plus: it looks really creepy.

Moana. Credit Disney

It would be super weird to find out that your father or your mother was a voice in a Disney movie. Even at such a young age, it would be mind-blowing. His father is Dwayne Johnson is cool, for a start. What child is lucky. Hang in there, Dwayne; maybe it will only take 3 000 for an additional test to make him understand. The good news is that this will be super fun to try.

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